Is your blender smoothie season ready?

Because the EuroBlender is. 

THe Magic of the blender

A healthier lifestyle located within a vacuum.

  • The magic of a vacuum located in your blender
  • Powerful 800 Watt Motor
  • Vacuum Tumbler
  • Easy one-touch auto button
  • Eco-friendly BPA-Free container
  • Sharp dual-blades

A Better life, with a better Blender.

The EuroBlender blends at a lower temperature than regular blenders. Resulting in vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables to remain in the smoothie. With vacuuming technology, your drinks can now be preserved even days after making them. 

Get a Better Taste and More Nutrition.


An extra option, the vacuum tumbler stores blended juices, smoothies, or other food blends in a  vacuum-sealed container allowing you to keep them fresh much longer.


 Vacuum blending creates optimal conditions to prevent ingredients from oxidizing, preserving the colors, flavors, and nutrients as close to nature as possible. With the ability to prevent oxidization your food will taste better making it easier to be a healthier you!


Pre-programmed buttons make it much easier to blend ingredients into the desired texture. Use the Vacuum button to make smoothies last longer and prevent oxidation.

 *button (blend/pulse/vacuum)

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